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In support of the book, this free application offers users practical tips as they prepare for the transition to college, a humorous look at college’s “awkward moments,” and a college themed ice breaker game to play with your new friends. Users are able to randomly view the content for a new experience with each use.

The tips provided in this application come from the author’s 15+ years of working with first year college students in various settings. These tips provide the user the opportunity to have a competitive edge over their peers or just ensure they are not missing a new opportunity to be successful.

While the college experience is about learning, it’s important to have a laugh every now and then. The “awkward moments” section of this application provides humorous examples or suggestions to see the lighter side of college. These unique stories or situations are one of the most popular parts of The Voice of College: The Freshmen Experience book based on reader feedback.

Lastly, this application provides an ongoing way to connect with those around you, a free game! This ice breaker provides college themed questions to spark conversation in a group. The questions range from “what would you do” funny situations to more serious questions and everything in between

The technical development bringing the information to the Android was provided by Grant Kimm

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